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“Made in USA”

 Source: The Atlantic/tumbler

Source: The Atlantic/ Tumbler

By Taylor Marvin

As a reminder, Egypt receives nearly $2 billion in US aid a year, making it one of the highest recipients of American funds in the world. It’s also worth remembering that the United States has preferred that Middle Eastern countries remain under the administration of dictators rather than risk democratic revolutions that could end in Islamist governments for decades. While the Obama administration has good reason to stay out of Egypt’s internal political discourse, the day may be coming when the President can’t refuse to pick sides.

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  1. Mayank #

    I agree with you time to pick sides.
    It has to be democracy or dictatorship.
    I am for democracy, why allow someone else to decide your degree of freedom. Dictatorship always curbs freedom while democracy gives you freedom to express yourself.


    February 3, 2011

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