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Nothing to See Here

By Taylor Marvin

Glenn Beck’s ratings are down 39% in the last month. Why? Public interest in Glenn Beck doesn’t seem to be significantly down, at least judging from Google trends:

Fox News has seen losses in viewership, 21% in the last year. But this decline is shared by the other cable news channels and anyway it’s dwarfed by the fall in Beck’s individual ratings. What’s going on here? Some fall in ratings for all politics programs should be expected in the wake of the midterm elections but the fact that Beck’s seeing a much greater decline than cable news as a whole suggests that something else is going on here, and anyway Beck’s losses started well before the midterms- he’s lost 50% of his viewership from a year ago. While I doubt that the core of Beck’s audience will tire of his antics, perhaps they are driving away the less dedicated portions of his viewership. Commentators in the liberal media tend to be very alarmist about Beck’s rhetoric’s affect on American politics. Perhaps they should relax.

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  1. What’s going on here… ??

    Beck has been hanging ten over the edge of believability and credibility far longer than anyone ever thought he would last. For awhile he was ‘entertaining’ in the best sense of the word. Later on I think he started believing his own scripting, tumbling into an abyss of amoral fairytale speaking.

    March 31, 2011

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