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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Burst, by Jen Stark, 2007. Via

'Burst', by Jen Stark, 2007. Via

The best links of the week:

Asia’s lonely hearts.

The decade’s biggest scam.

In the end, Petraeus really was that good.

No, civil conflicts are not directly associated with weather. “As long as Science magazine continues to run articles of doubtful quality applying simplistic mathematical models to social science, the APSR should run silly articles by political scientists proposing new theories of biology, physics, etc.

The lost plague – London graveyard suggests that the Black Death strain may be extinct.

Libya’s ‘precarious’ transition ahead.

If Hurricane Irene was a sign of God’s anger over government spending, should we give in to God’s demands? After all, we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

US war crimes in Iraq.

10% of American Muslims think President Obama is a Muslim.

Ever wonder where the Windows XP default wallpaper came from?

Bored UCLA student joins Libyan rebels. This is not a joke.

Brazilian Girls – Me Gustas Cunado Callas.

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