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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Oedipus and the Sphinx, Gustave Moreau, 1864.

Oedipus and the Sphinx, Gustave Moreau, 1864.

The best links of the week:

The agony of the Bunga Bunga.

The American justice system is broken.

The Onion’s devastating look at what the last decade might have been.

Rio de Janeiro’s crack epidemic.

How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?

In defense of geekery: Why society needs SF/F (Via Alyssa Rosenberg).

Felix Salmon has fun with legos, Euro crisis edition.

The Defense Department has franchises all over the world (some of which are more valuable than others).” I think you mean ‘some of which are more voluntary than others’.

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  1. Let us not forget that Reagan’s future vp (Bush) and cia chief (Casey) met with the Ayatolla Khomeini behind the back of the then-current Carter administration (treason) and arranged for Iran to keep the American hostages until after the election. In return Iran got, at the very least, a conduit thru which to illegally receive missiles and other armaments–which came to light when traitor Ollie North got busted taking the missile $$$ and giving it to friends in Central America who turned out, naturally enough, to be drug smugglers USA-bound. Ah, the good old days…

    February 16, 2012

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