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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Thomas Hart Benton, Cut the Line, 1944.

Thomas Hart Benton, 'Cut the Line', 1944.

The best links of the week:

Conor Friedersdorf’s outstanding attack on the Obama presidency.

No military option in Syria.

Not fade away: The myth of American decline. Robert Kagan confuses power with empire.

Everybody pour out a 40 on their tasseled loafers in memory of Jon Huntsman.

Perry talks crazy about Turkey, but is par for the GOP course.

This crow is sledding:

Alexis Madrigal explains.

Because freedom isn’t free: Why we* blacked out Crooked Timber yesterday. Great summary of why SOPA/PIPA is an awful piece of legislation.

What high school is worth on the free market.

Spencer Ackerman demolishes the case for war against Iran. “For two dudes so apocalyptic about the consequences of a nuclear Iran, they’re absolutely sunny about the ease with which a new era of sunshine will warm southwest Asia once the American bombs drop.”

Yeast experiments hint at faster evolution from single cells.

Dan Trombly on Spain and Syria.

Felix Salmon explains the complex hierarchy of Davos nametags..

Rick Perry experiences overwhelming feeling of clarity and contentment in final moments before death of campaign..

Not a parody:<a href="“If this nation must now move with conviction in the direction of its heart, Newt Gingrich is obviously no stranger to that journey.”

Chase the Sun – Gypsy Woman.

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  1. Lovely video, it reminds us to have fun! 🙂 Interesting links, but one NY article really caught my attention. Yeast experiments- I can’t wait to find the real score behind the yeast evolution.

    January 20, 2012

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