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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Jacob Elbfas, 1630s.

Jacob Elbfas, 1630s.

The best links of the week:

How a male feminist alienated his supporters.

Unraveling the new Pentagon budget — leaner and meaner?

Animal-made art.

Soviet ruins in Afghanistan.

Once upon a time in Tehran.

More from David Axe in Afghanistan.

“After moderator Brian Williams questioned if his popular campaign promise to not only defeat President Obama but to enslave his family was racially insensitive, Genghis angrily replied that he enslaves the families of all his defeated rivals, regardless of race.”

Phil Plait on the White House’s brutal NASA cuts.

“Any politician who regards the adult use of contraceptives as a matter under his purview cannot lay claim to the limited government label, nor can he credibly invoke a tradition rooted in the pursuit of happiness.” Rick Santorum is a small, small man in a modernity he can’t understand.

Belated Valentine’s Day: Dwele – Sho Ya Right.

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