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‘Kony 2012’, Cont.

By Taylor Marvin

Via Crispin J. Burke, Jack McDonald makes a strong argument about the pitfalls of Kony 2012’s style of mass advocacy for military intervention:

“More to the point, if this works, will it ever stop? Will simplistic explanations of long-running wars, delivered in a Facebook-friendly manner become the future of foreign policy? If the opinion of Rihanna and George Clooney is going to dislodge ‘technocrats’ who do things like read the Military Balance, then what’s to stop intervention in Syria? Pretty much everyone with a passing interest in military affairs says “that is a very bad idea and lots of people will die” but I’m pretty sure that a bright person with access to youtube can come up with a better argument for a brighter world in which taking Assad down is an expression of democratic empowerment. The point about war and military affairs is that at some point, it requires restraint. That restraint is entirely arbitrary (and unfair) but it stops people getting killed. If Angelina Jolie in combination with Condoleeza Rice are to dictate American strategy, then restraints to force will disappear into a blur of ‘Let’s go get the bad guy’ activism that is almost entirely ignorant of the second and third order effects of those decisions.”

The whole piece is worth a read.

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  1. Liz #

    #kony2012 should be supported without a doubt. Stand up and fight for human rights. These are poor defensless kids who dont have a voice or the ability to defend themselves. Dont be selfish … Realize how privilged you are to grow up in the usa

    March 9, 2012

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