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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Persian depiction of Great Mongol Shah Nama, 14th century. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

Foreign Policy’s lengthy look at Susan Rice.

Obama versus Bush on counterterrorism policy (via Robert Farley).

Greenwald makes good points about the veneration of the American military leadership. Robert Wright has more on what Petraeus says about the militarization of the CIA.

Ethan Gach has another interesting reflection on the Petraeus scandal.

Peter J. Munson on civil-military relations: “In all, this adds up to a military that at least in part feels it has earned entitlement, that it deserves the deferential treatment it receives, and that America needs to sacrifice to provide for the military — whether that be benefits or budget outlays.”

More from Michael Cohen: “In an age in which military officers are practically above public reproach – glorified and exalted by politicians and the media – the repeated failures of our military leaders consistently escape analysis and inquiry” (via Andrew Sullivan). Unfortunately, when the military as an institution is conflated with national greatness, a clear view of its failings and the failures of elective wars is impossible.

The deadly work of reporters in Mexico (via Longreads).

Strategy in a time of austerity.

How China sees the United States.

Why underestimating Chinese military capabilities and ingenuity is a problem.

Stefan Sasse on space combat.

Meshell Ndegeochello – Dead End 

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