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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Qiu Ying, 1530-1550. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

The non-unitary model and deterrence stability in South Asia (via Michael Krepon).

Comparing the PLAN to the Soviet Navy.

James Fearon on coup-proofing in weak African states. I think Fearon overestimates the importance of state resilience in the M23 case, and undercounts the difficulty associated with any form of remote power projection in tropical forests, whether they’re in DR Congo or Colombia — military capabilities aside. Relatedly, Fearon links to an interesting paper by Philip Roessler: “Personal Rule, Coups, and Civil War in Africa”. Theo McLauchlin has interesting thoughts as well.

Language and nationalism in Catalonia. Laia Balcells has more.

Of sultans and soap operas.

Susan Rice’s refusal to criticize the Rwandan government should disqualify her from Secretary of State.

Time’s interview with Mohamed Morsi is worth a read: “[Recent protests] will go, and I think it will be registered as a good spot in our movement in history in the last two years.”

Nicolay & Kay – The Gunshot feat. Chip Fu

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