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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

What I read this week:

Micah Zenko argues that divining the motivations of the Boston bombers is futile.

Contrary to others, M. Taylor Fravel says China isn’t abandoning its no first use policy.

Some Tunisians fondly remember the days of dictatorship.

Paraguay’s rightward turn. Colin M. Snider has more thoughts on the election.

American stereotypes of Muslims. Relatedly, “do Saudis really hate the US?”

Sarah Kendzior: “Despite the Tsarnaevs’ American upbringing, the media has presented their lives through a Chechen lens. Political strife in the North Caucasus… has become the default rationale for a domestic crime.”

Fars News tries to have it both ways: the US supports Salafis in Syria, but was attacked by Salafis in Boston.

Civil society under threat in Iran.

Earlier this week I rounded up links for Political Violence @ a Glance.

Yann Tiersen – The Fall.


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