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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Nicolas Poussin, "Les Bergers d’Arcadie", 1638. Via Wikimedia.

Nicolas Poussin, “Les Bergers d’Arcadie”, 1638. Via Wikimedia.

Sorry for the light posting in the last few weeks; I was traveling. What I read this week:

Firing of head of Egypt’s opera sparks cultural fight amid artists’ worries over Islamists.

Matt Duss asks if the political utility of the Global War on Terror will get in the way of ending it.

What explains John McCain’s erratic policy positons? Jonathan Chait and Danial Larison see only neoconservative foreign policy, while Jonathan Bernstein thinks it’s a bit more complicated.

Just what’s European military power for? (via Jon Western)

On a conceptually similar, if more northerly, note, both Steve Saideman and Robert Farley wrote this week about Canada’s strategic outlook.

Should we cut the SSBN force? Surprise! The Navy thinks not (I largely agree with this reasoning, though).

Speaking of nuclear arms, it’s the 15th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb — just how big of a deal was it?

Supporting Shinzō Abe’s economics is not an excuse for denying Japan’s war crimes.

On separatism in Latin America.

Amazing photos of daily life in the USSR in the 1950s (via Kindred Winecoff, who asks if Stalin was necessary).

Hindi Zahra – Kiss & Thrills.

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