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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Josefa de Óbidos, 'Still Life', 1676. Via Wikimedia.

Josefa de Óbidos, ‘Still Life’, 1676. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

On the coup in Egypt, read Shadi Hamid, Marc Lynch, and Jeremy Pressman.

Jay Ulfelder looks at the causes of mass protests.

David Brooks paints those wary of the coup as ’emphasizing process over substance’; Daniel Larison is reasonably disgusted with this ends-justifies-the-means logic, which sends a firm message to political Islam that democracy is not in their interests.

The Wall Street Journal also uses Morsi’s ouster as an opportunity to praise Chile’s brutal Pinochet dictatorship; Colin M. Snider is shocked.

Emile Nakhleh urges the US to put pressure on the new government, arguing that despite the Morsi government’s myriad failings it did “not signal the defeat of Arab democracy or a failure of political Islam.”

An interesting look at the US next lightweight fighter, maybe (via Dave Majumdar).

Central America’s drug cartels turn their attention to trafficking people.

Image of Shakira on Iran TV causes controversy: “We decided to enter into negotiations with Cuba to work together culturally to have the audience members at the Iran and Cuba volleyball game wear sweatshirts and pants so that this problem does not come up again.”

Mahmoud Ahmed – Fetsum Deng Ledj Nesh.

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