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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Chinese Qing Dynasty, 'Procession by a Lake', 19th century. Via the National Gallery of Art.

Chinese Qing Dynasty, ‘Procession by a Lake’, 19th century. Via the National Gallery of Art.

What I read this week:

In Egypt, Wayne White sees political turmoil growing more ominous, and Ehsan Abdoh worries about the precedent set by Morsi’s ouster.

In Tahrir Square disunity now dominates. Marc Lynch deems US policy towards Egypt the best it could realistically be, and I’m inclined to agree. As writers like Daniel Larison have noted the US has very little leverage, and committing to any one position within the country’s internal politics is likely to further alienate the overall population for no clear gain.

When America leaves Afghanistan how will the Taliban justify its violence?

Joshua Foust on American political nostalgia, and the tendency to appeal “to some falsely purified fairy tale of what American values really were 237 years ago.”

Battling the world’s light pollution: “People think they know darkness, and that they experience darkness everyday, but they don’t, really.”

Early this week I collected links for Political Violence @ a Glance.

Dakota Suite – The Hearts of Empty.

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