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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Grigory Gagarin , 'Djighit a Sardar-Abbat', 1847. Via Wikimedia.

Grigory Gagarin , ‘Djighit a Sardar-Abbat’, 1847. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

Published two years ago and a bit dated, the CFR’s report on “Global Brazil and US-Brazil Relations”.

The future of AirSea Battle: areas that need work and next steps. Relatedly, last month Robert E. Kelly argued that the AirSea Battle concept is an overreaction that is needlessly provocative and misunderstand’s China’s worries that it “will be besieged by a US-pushed local bloc, and no one believes for a moment that the pivot is anything but squarely directed at China.”

Sexual abuse at home: Iran’s hidden shame (via Reza Asadi).

Alex Massie critiques Russell Brand’s “call for a cause”, any cause:

“The early twentieth century was a time of Robber Barons too, mind you, and a period in which even some normally-sensible people fretted that bourgeois decency was leaving the peoples of Europe fat and complacent and decadent. A cleansing war might not, all things be considered, be the worst that could happen. Well, they got their war.”

From earlier in the week, linkage on political violence at PVG.

London Grammar – Interlude.

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