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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Sultan Selim III holding an audience in front of the Gate of Felicity. Via Wikimedia.

Sultan Selim III holding an audience in front of the Gate of Felicity. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

At Suffragio Kevin Lees has an ongoing series of reporting and interviews on the upcoming Honduran elections.

Joshua Kurlantzick asks why per capita-poorer Vietnam was better prepared for Typhoon Haiyan than the Philippines. On the same topic, Cullen Hendrix looks at the literature on natural disasters and social unrest.

Col. Scott Gerber critiques the concept of “easy” wars, and in particular the AirSea Battle concept that posits a conflict with China restricted to the sea and air, which coincidently reflects the US Navy and US Air Force’s acquisition priorities.

Paul Pillar asks how the US can stimulate political change in Iran, and makes the obvious (but not to everyone) conclusion that “it is fantasy to believe instead that endless pressure will eventually cause pressured Iranians to rise up in revolt.”

Why would anyone want to lower the working age for children in Bolivia? (via Long Reads.)

Why “genocide” had to come first, and why “mass atrocities” should come next: Danny Hirschel-Burns on why it is time to retire the loaded term as a catch-all for, well, mass atrocities.

Further linkage on political violence topics here.

inc. – Black Wings.

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