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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Henri Julien, 'Étude pour La Chasse-galerie'. Via Wikimedia.

Henri Julien, ‘Étude pour La Chasse-galerie’. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

The parallels between Argentina and Venezuela’s crises, both drive by the “dead-hand control” of the political ideologies of chavismo and kirchnerismo. Relatedly, Argentine policies are adrift as inflation spiral looms.

After David Axe’s recent piece on the Brazilian Air Force’s efforts to police the vast Amazon, Colin M. Snider has a very interesting article on the relation between statebuilding in the Amazon and narratives of the need for securing Brazilian territory. I think Snider’s point about regional power also applies to the NAe São Paulothe region’s one aircraft carrier.

Is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard limiting economic projects?

Egypt’s new political order: “not one dictatorial person but a host of dictatorial institutions” (via Daniel Larison).

And I have more linkage on conflict and political violence at PVGlance.

Naseer Shamma – Travelling Souls.

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