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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Raja Ravi Varma, "Shakuntala looking back to glimpse Dushyanta," 1870. Via Wikipedia.

Raja Ravi Varma, “Shakuntala looking back to glimpse Dushyanta,” 1870. Via Wikipedia.

What I read this week:

On Venezuela: Protests swell as places to rally disappear, inter-opposition splits over tactics, some background on post-Chávez Venezuelan politics, and another backgrounder on #lasalida: “The student protests as currently formulated have little chance of developing a strong cross-class alliance.”

Taking Brazil seriously.

Among the conspiracy theorists in Kiev.

We don’t say “Slav” democracy is troubled in Ukraine, so why talk about “Arab” failures? The use of the Slavic people as a unit of international geography has declined in the last few decades, while the “Arab world” has not. I’d guess the overt non-ethnic self-definition advanced by the USSR contributed to this.

Peter Munson has another strong piece on the question of intervention in Syria.

From Wednesday, linkage covering political violence at PVG.

Kaki King – Neanderthal.

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