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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Charles R. Knight, 'American Mastodon,' 1897. Via Wikimedia.

Charles R. Knight, ‘American Mastodon,’ 1897. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

Why are Latin America’s democratic leaders so hesitant to criticize the Venezuelan government’s repression of demonstrators? And are the protesters leading opposition leaders, rather than the other way around?

Newsweek has a good profile of a Honduran soldier involved in anti-drug operations (via Brian J. Phillips).

Not to mock mistaken predictions, but I think reading piece arguing that Russia would not intervene in Ukraine is an interesting exercise.

Andrew O’Hagan’s mammoth London Review of Books chronicle of ghostwriting Julian Assange’s failed autobiography is a revealing look both at the narcissistic Wikileaks founder and the nature of pathological, pathetic procrastination.

And extensive linkage from Monday at Political Violence at a Glancemostly covering events in Ukraine and Venezuela.

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