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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Master of Calamarca, "Ángel Letiel Dei." Via Wikimedia.

Master of Calamarca, “Ángel Letiel Dei.” Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

A horrific police killing in Rio de Janeiro has brought renewed criticism of Brazil’s urban policing.

On the Russian annexation of Crimea: See Fred Kaplan on the severity of Putin’s move, Steve Saideman on a reinvigorated NATO, Paul Pillar on Putin’s recent speech and challenge to Americans’ ideas of their own exceptionalismKimberly Marten on Putin’s turn towards ethnic Russian nationalism, and Janine Davidson on Russian military culture’s view of NATO and the risks of war.

For their part, mapmakers face the timeless dilemma of judging how to update their wares, a decision that is almost always politicized (via Daniel Larison).

And, in a reminder that the US and Europe are not the extent of the news-consuming world, how is the Crimea crisis playing in Latin America?

Returning to the subject of Brazil, how the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 — a mystery prestigious fighter fleets are not helpful in solving — shows that real air forces spend acquisition funds on boring stuff (via Errol Cavit and Graham Jenkins).

How Chinese citizens view America — “meat is cheap, but the price of vegetables is higher” seems to nail it.

From Tuesday, more linkage at Political Violence at a Glance.

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