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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, "The tomb of Publio Vibio Mariano," 1756. Via Wikimedia.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, “The tomb of Publio Vibio Mariano,” 1756. Via Wikimedia.

Writing and analysis I found interesting this week:

Does the United States’ overwhelming military dominance encourage it to neglect the peace-building resources of its diplomatic corps?

The American Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to suspend the importation of elephant trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe — where limited hunting is legal — spurs controversy. Hunting brings money into local economies and can fund anti-poaching efforts by governments, but others assert that encouraging the killing the threatened and emotional creatures is simply wrong.

Despite a comfortable lead in South African elections — the first to feature voters with no memory of the pre-1994 white rule — is the dominant African National Congress headed towards one day falling from power?

Brazil’s struggle to extend universal healthcare to a diverse, unequal, geographically-enormous country of 200 million people, and what its uneven efforts can teach the US.

Via Jay Ulfelder, Venezuelan security forces find their less-than-lethal arsenal growing less effective over time, as demonstrators learn to counter weapons like tear gas.

Daniel Solomon charts the similarities and differences between the 2012 Stop Kony — focused on influencing the US to devote greater attention to the hunt for the insurgent group the Lord’s Resistance Army — and today’s #BringBackOurGirls — created by Nigerians to draw attention to the recent Boko Haram mass kidnapping –activist campaigns.

Last week CJ Chivers and Noah Sneider spoke with eastern Ukraine’s armed separatists — divide the country along the Dnieper River, says one.

Finally, at Political Violence at a Glance, more links.

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