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Friday’s Reading List

By Taylor Marvin

Arturo Michelena, "Miranda en La Carraca," 1896. Via Wikimedia.

Arturo Michelena, “Miranda en La Carraca,” 1896. Via Wikimedia.

What I read this week:

Police violence against Black Americans is a human rights crisis, and one I believe would get more attention and sympathy from US elites if it was happening abroad (via Shaun King). Relatedly, a thought-provoking exchange on crime, racism, and the drug war: “Racism gave us a feeling of carte blanche to live outside the laws of society, or so we thought” (via Jamil Smith).

What happens if you’re mugged in Mexico City and go to the police (via Boz).

On the wave of violence in East Jerusalem: Vice has an worthwhile series of video reports (which casually claim that it is a third intifada). Academic commenters at Political Violence @ a Glance examine the causes of the recent upswing in violence. Sheera Frenkel reports on the pervasive fear within Israeli and Palestinian communities.

Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer and Olivier Schmitt look at France’s renewed enthusiasm for military interventions. They suggest that after the end of the Cold War France’s desire to preserve its global status and influence vis à vis emerging economic powers like Japan prompted it to turn to the “competitive advantage” of military prowess, “which it thus needed to demonstrate.”

Branko Milanovic comments on why elites in the developed world care more about poverty abroad than within their own countries (via Patrick Iber).

How history vanishes from the internet (via Alexandra Garcia and Anup Kaphle).

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