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Francophobia Still Sells, Apparently

By Taylor Marvin

Possibly the worst thing, ever:

  • Casual xenophobia: check.
  • Gratingly stereotypical American know-nothingness: check.
  • The classic “too cool to use a clearly superior product” advertising trope: check.

Look, I know Maxwell House has a tough mission here. Coffee from a french press is simply better, and unlike a drip brew coffeemaker a well-made french press uses no electricity, produces less waste, and lasts essentially forever. Difficult messaging aside, the ad’s the most grating I’ve seen in a long time.

Also, who knew that Francophobia was still relevant nearly a decade after the invasion of Iraq? Popular disdain for the French is an occasionally reoccurring narrative throughout American history, but it’s still surprising to see it so obviously stated.